The College of Business Administration is home to The Daverio School of Accountancy, three academic departments, four institutes and two centers.


Scope and Purpose:

The business administration general fund is used in two basic ways. First, this fund acquires business-related materials which are general or inter-departmental in nature. Second, the fund purchases business materials that are not Curriculum related to a specific department but which are necessary for a good business collection. This latter type of material includes histories of corporations, business education, industry, national industrial policy, business ethics, and other general commercial topics. Acquisition is at the minimal level. The first type of material supports the Curriculum of the departments up to the masters level. However, since these materials are basic, interdisciplinary works, it is more accurate to assign the basic level of acquisition to these. Materials acquired for business administration general support, by definition, the departments in the College of Business Administration. In addition, the departments of Business Technology, Public Administration and Urban Studies, Educational Foundations and Leadership and the School of Law use these materials.


General aspects of the College of Business Administration curricula are supported.

Geographical Coverage:

The emphasis is on United States business.


Only English Language materials are collected.

Period Coverage:

Only materials of current interest are collected.

Publication Types:

General works, scholarly works, statistical data, serials, and popularizations are acquired.


Print Formats comprise ninety percent of the collection. Computer software makes up the remainder.

Remote Sources:

When required, use is made of other academic library collections through OhioLINK and traditional interlibrary loan.


Business materials which support exclusive departmental curricula are acquired under departmental policies.

Policy Revised: 08-2006