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To submit a Poster Printing request, fill out this form completely. We will contact you if any additional information is needed. You will receive an email with instructions for pick up when your poster is complete.

The poster printing service is strictly for academic projects ONLY. The service is free to students. Non-student UA community members interested in poster printing should email Stephanie Dawson-Everett ( for details on cost, payment, etc.

  • Academic Prints: This includes class assignments, design projects, conference or presentations materials, and active research projects. Posters for student organizations are also acceptable pending content meets guidelines in our policy standards.
    • All submissions must be submitted at least 3 business days before due-date.
    • All submission must provide course or organization name and the instructor or faculty advisor associated with the project.
  • File Format: we can only print .pdf files
  • The size of your file must be smaller than 20mb to submit
  • Poster printing is restricted to the following limits
    • Students may print up to 2 poster per semester free of charge
    • Student organizations may print up to 2 posters per semester free of charge
  • All submissions must adhere with our poster printing policy which you will be required to acknowledge you have read before submitting your request.

If you have any questions, comments or problems with your request, please email

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Only one file may be uploaded at this time with a size less than 20mb. If your submission exceeds 20mb, you will need submit your Poster in Person at the MakerStudio.

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Your pdf file should be ONLY your poster content. Submissions of multi-page pdfs that include non-poster content will not be accepted.

Per University of Akron policies, submissions that are harassing or threatening to others, violate others' privacy, or violate copyright law will be reported to the judicial affairs. If you have any questions regarding whether your submission may breach this policy, please contact us.

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