What poster printing services are available?

The MakerStudio provides poster printing services strictly for academic projects ONLY. Please refer to our Poster Printing Policy for the full terms of the service. Examples of acceptable academic prints: class assignments, design projects, conference or presentations materials, and active research projects. Posters for student organizations are also acceptable pending content meets guidelines in our policy.


  • Size:
    • Our printer is 36 inches wide. This means that one of your poster sides is limited to a maximum size of 36 inches.
    • The max size we will print is 48 inches by 36 inches (a typical conference poster size).
  • Quantity:
    • Students and Student Organizations may print up to 2 poster per semester free of charge.
    • Faculty and Staff may use the service for a fee (see below).
  • Submission Criteria
    • Submissions must be received at least 3 business days before due-date.
    • All student submissions must provide course name or organization name and the instructor/faculty advisor associated with the project.
    • We only accept PDF files.
      • Please make sure your file is sized correctly. Poor quality prints due to incorrect sizing will still count towards your limit/fee.
      • Please submit a file with ONLY your poster content. Multi-page PDFs that include non-poster content will not be accepted.


Poster printing: (same as Docuzip)
$8.00 per square foot for color
$6.00 per square foot for black and white

If you have any questions, please contact the MakerStudio (3dpriting@uakron.edu) before submitting your poster request.

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