Bierce Learning Studio 61

LS 61 is tech ready with a seating capacity of 35 in a flexible classroom set-up. This room suitable for problem-based learning and multi-modal instruction as well as group and individual study.


  • 6 moveable tables, 35 chairs
  • 6 soft seats with ottomans and side tables
  • Plentiful in-floor power outlets
  • Large flat screen tv
  • Teacher’s station with Lap top connection and DVD/CD capability
  • Access to Lap top cart - 30 lap top computers* 
  • Wireless internet 
  • Whiteboards
  • Projector Pull Down Screen 

* Key for the computer cart is available at the circulation desk. User is responsible for key and may request assistance.

A member of the University Libraries Tech Response Team will be here to assist you 1) get started ; 2) get equipment turned on and adjusted; 3) if any issues or concerns arise during your booking. If technical issues arise, please call 8161