Computer Science majors are permitted to take both 3450:427 Applied Numerical Methods I and 3450:428 Applied Numerical Methods II as electives for the computer science plan of study. If you do, the remaining required classes are:
3450:223 Calculus III
3450:307 Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics
3450:312 Linear Algebra
3450:335 Ordinary Differential Equations 
3450:421 Advanced Calculus I
3450:411 Abstract Algebra I
3450:412 Abstract Algebra II or 3450:422 Advanced Calculus II
We also recommend that you take 3450:415 Combinatorics and Graph Theory.

Total: 22 Additional Credits

Minor: Students who elect to take 3450:427-8 Applied Numerical Methods I, II may apply 3460:316
Data Structures and Algorithms II to our minor program. As such they only need to take 3450:223
Calculus III and 3450:312 Linear Algebra to complete a minor in mathematics or applied mathematics.