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The Department of Modern Languages is committed to preparing all University of Akron students to succeed in the global economy and to become productive and engaged global citizens. Our students achieve linguistic competencies and multicultural literacies, develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills and connect with diverse local, national, and international communities. 

Our enthusiastic and passionate faculty, staff and students look forward to helping you explore our world!

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Recent Headlines

Local doctors, nurses learn Spanish to better serve growing Hispanic population
Dr. Parizad Dejbord-Sawan's Spanish language classes for Akron Children's Hospital employees lead to better communication all around.
Akron Children's Hospital Students complete Certificate of Beginning Medical Spanish
Akron Children's Hospital Students complete Certificate of Beginning Medical Spanish

Felicitaciones! The Deptartment of Modern Languages would like to congratulate all those students from Akron Children's Hospital who successfully completed the Certificate of Beginning Medical Spanish.  These Health Professionals are the first group to complete this certificate initiated by Dr. Parizad Dejbord.  Enhorabuena!

Mesa Hispana celebrates Dia de los Muertos
Mesa Hispana celebrates Dia de los Muertos

On Wednesday October 28th, the Mesa Hispana celebrated  the  día de los muertos at the Student Union.

Profesora Muzquiz helped students create an "altar" that included many traditional items.   Students were busy making paper flowers as they chatted.  Profesora then gave an extremely interesting explanation about the meaning of the altar and customary practices of Day of the Dead in Mexico.   Students were even offered the opportunity to try some delicious treats -"pan de muerto" and "Mexican hot chocolate".  Many students stopped by to learn more about our programs and the different activities we organize.

2015 Cleveland Maison Française competition
2015 Cleveland Maison Française competition


Kailey Gabriel and Dani Jackson represented the DML French Section at the 2015 Cleveland Maison Française competition and won second and fourth place, respectively.  This is a highly competitive French contest open to full time undergraduate students from colleges and universities in Northeastern Ohio.   The UA French majors and minors have been consistently winning the competition prizes since 2003.  Bravo!

Former MA Student Accepted to Study in Spain

Sean di Renzo (M.A. in Spanish, '07) has been accepted into a Summer Seminar for Teachers sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The seminar will take place in Madrid, with excursions to Toledo, Avila and Segovia, and is titled “Authors in the Prado: Spanish Painting and the Literature it Inspired.”