About 375

Language Resource Center is located in the 3rd floor of Olin Hall, in room number 375. This is one of the state of art labs in the University of Akron with a fine dash of technology in the form of computers and student friendly machines for enhanced learning of the various languages taught in the Modern Languages Department. It houses 35 Computers, 5 TV/DVD stations and Individual Audio ports in each machine for skill practice exercises and assignments given to students in class. Plus the lab has a good collections of Books, Audio Discs, Self learning language softwares and Video tapes/Discs.

Check Resources' section in the LRC page for a list of all the supplement material available.

This lab is a part of the Modern Language Department and it is exclusive for Modern Language Department students only.

Questions and feedback should be directed to the Modern Language Department.

Lab Hours: Currently there are no open lab hours


Lab Director:
 Matthew Wyszynski(wyszynski@uakron.edu)
Admin. in Charge:  Dana Frase

Contact Number