Student from Spanish Conversation for the Health Professions puts Medical Spanish to good use


Since the end of the Spring semester, I have been living and working in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. I am working as an unpaid intern in a small pharmacy called "Botica Santa Ana", which is run through a company that provides various types of healthcare to those living in poverty.  In the pharmacy, I work alongside a licensed pharmacist, listening to symptoms and helping to come up with the best medication to treat whatever illness the patient may have. I help take inventory, unload shipments, distribute medications, and I observe a lot of interactions between patients and the pharmacist. Through this internship, I have learned so much about the field of pharmacy. I've become familiar with a wide variety of diseases, and the pharmacist has explained in detail how each drug we distribute works in the body to treat symptoms.

However, I would not have been able to learn nearly so much without my strong background in medical Spanish. This Spring, I took Dr. Dejbord's Spanish Conversation for Health Professionals and First Responders. We read about various diseases, their symptoms and treatments, and we learned countless vocabulary words that are used in the medical field. Having a very small class, we were able to practice speaking with each other a great deal, simulating interactions between various types of doctors and their patients. This class provided me with a very firm grasp on medical Spanish, which has definitely carried me through  my entire experience here, and helped me to be a more productive worker and learner. I strongly recommend this course to anyone pursuing a degree in a medical career, as it will help them to develop the skills necessary to treat Spanish-speaking patients and also provide them with a competitive edge in their future career.