Congratulations to Dr. Zanetta on her piece, Here We Are.


Congratulations to Dr. Maria Alejandra Zanetta on her latest success in the art world!  She currently has a piece (see below) on display as part of the Short North One World Mural Series in Columbus.  Full details about the series and other piece can be found at

 Here We Are

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Alejandra Zanetta – @alezanetta
Brandt-Roberts Galleries – @brgalleries
Installed at 642 N. High St.

Argentinian artist Zanetta’s piece alludes to the generational rift that she feels exists today. “While we, the ‘adults,’ the ‘parents,’ think we are always right, that we made the right choices, in reality we are leaving the new generation a complicated world, a world which is threatened by multiple challenges that we did not properly address: climate change, social inequality, and mass migration.” The figure holding his head in his hands alludes to the mythological figure Atlas, who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. The title Here We Are alludes both to the dire situation in which we find ourselves and to the will of this new generation to “contradict” their parents and to take stock of the situation.