University of Akron students from the Certificate of Advanced Spanish for the Health Professions and First Responders reached out to members of the Hispanic community at Community Health Fair in Lorain, Ohio.


On Saturday October 26th, University of Akron undergraduate students Leah Choban (Biomedical Science major) and Corinne Plas (Social Work major) of the Certificate of Advanced Spanish for the Health Professions and First Responders under the direction of advisor Dr. Parizad Dejbord Sawan reached out to women from the Hispanic Community to help with language and cultural access. The Free Community Health Fair was brought by the MetroHealth Breast/Amigas program. Students assisted patients with the filling out medical forms and translated for nurses during clinical breast exams at Sacred Heart Chapel in Lorain.

leah and corrince Loraine

According to the Community Outreach Manager, Leah and Corrine were excellent volunteers who did an amazing job. They were able to help patients complete a mammogram questionnaire for those patients who needed to have one done on-site at the event.
Leah was asked to help interpret for our Urologist as well at one point during the day. They were recognized for being accommodating and always having a positive attitude.  
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