Amy Baird in France!


In January 2012, Amy Baird, a French minor, went to France prior to her student-teaching to do a four week practicum at the Lycée Voltaire in Orléans, France, arranged through the French Section of the Department of Modern Languages and the UA's College of Education.

According to Amy, "I attend the University in order to become a high school English teacher, and I will also have a minor in French when I graduate this May.  I spent five weeks in Orleans, France, a city an hour southwest of Paris, at the beginning of this semester.  I lived with a host family that had three children, and I taught at a high school in a variety of classes.  Most were preparatory classes with students 18-20 years old preparing for an exam to be accepted into a business school.  I also taught a European history class and a French literature class.  On the weekends, I visited Paris, Geneva, and Aix-en-Provence.  The experience not only improved my French, but taught me a lot about another culture and my future profession."