ACTFL Honors


The Department of Modern Languages is pleased to announce that it was nationally recognized to be one of the top universities for preparing its students for oral proficiency in the language they study.  Frank B. Brooks, Associate Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, came to the university last semester to study our program due to the high scores our graduates receive on the national ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching Foreign Language) exit exam. 

Brooks writes, “The foreign language teacher education program at your university, which is collaboratively administered and taught by faculty in the College of Education and in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been identified, through recent research*, as one of the five top innovative and highly successful programs nationwide. […] These five programs were found to graduate between 88-100% of their teacher candidates who achieved the Oral Proficiency Standard of Advanced-Low or higher. This is no easy accomplishment.”

*Glisan, E. W., Swender, E. and Surface, E. A. (2013), Oral Proficiency Standards and Foreign Language Teacher Candidates: Current Findings and Future Research Directions. Foreign Language Annals, 46: 264–289.