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3500-490: Study Abroad Program in Japan (3 credits)

This program is a 10-day, 3-credit authentic learning experience in Japan. This class will not only visit several famous and historical places, but also experience culture in Japan in various ways. The cultural experiences include: lodging in a temple in order to experience a part of the aesthetic training of Buddhism; a home stay with a Japanese family; observing Sumo; creating instant cup noodle; making plastic food sample; and taking Sushi making lessons. The purpose of this program is to offer students an opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in Japanese culture by solving real world tasks along with historical place visitations and cultural experiences. 

Students will plan free days with peers who have common interests. In order to do that, students not only engage their motivation by creatively planning their trip but also engage the ability to solve the problems when they encounter difficulties.

Students complete blog entry homework of reading about Japanese culture. By comparing and contrasting the cultural terms, students will cultivate the prerequisite of Japanese culture. In Japan, by writing blog entries, students will critically reflect, analyze and synthesize their questions and the professor's questions given daily to compare this experience with American culture. The ultimate goal of this program is promoting students’ cultural awareness, future career development and leadership.


Spring Break 2020

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Study Abroad in Japan