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Why are Latino male students dropping out?

A symposium at UA on Monday, Oct. 26 will give K-12 and higher-ed educators practical training and tools to help enhance the persistence, achievement and student success of Latinos

Multicultural Programming

The Multicultural Center strives to involve our diverse student body in a variety of programs as part of their educational experience through collaborative programming and intercultural dialogues with affiliated student organizations and the broader community.

Intercultural dialogues

The Multicultural Center works collaboratively with The Office of International Programs and The Confucius Institute at UA to conduct a variety of intercultural programs that comprise of open and respectful interactions between individuals and organizations with different cultural backgrounds or world views. This programming aims at developing a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices; increased participation and the freedom and ability to make choices; foster equality; and to enhance creative processes.


Student organizations

Inclusive Excellence at UA



UA honored again for commitment to diversity

For a third time, The University of Akron has been recognized by the Commission on Economic Inclusion for its campus-wide progress in creating, enhancing, and sustaining diversity and inclusion strategies. Read more.

Lee A. Gill, J.D., appointed to Akron General Medical Center Board

Lee A. Gill, J.D., advocates for diversity in business in a major Akron Beacon Journal article: Businesses prodded to ‘harness the rainbow of differences’ to shape future leaders

Lee Gill’s diversity achievements recognized nationally

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Our mission

Our goal is to develop programs to include a broader engagement with all of our diverse student populations and focus on extensive, inclusive programming across the UA campus.

Our mission is to intentionally connect students of all races, genders, cultures, sexual orientation, etc., in a holistic, inclusive, and supportive learning environment as emphasized in Vision 2020 and The Akron Experience.

We strive to provide resources and a variety of support systems for students as they explore diversity in their classroom experience providing a holistic approach to understanding the various multiplicities of diversity which include:

  • race,
  • ethnicity,
  • gender expression and identity,
  • disability,
  • nationality,
  • spirituality and
  • sexual identity.

About us

The Multicultural Center is part of the Inclusive Excellence initiative.

The Multicultural Center welcomes all community members to all events while at the same time celebrating and supporting specific all groups including African American, American Indian/Indigenous, Hispanic/Latin, Asian American, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Women, Men and all Faith-based communities

Every year, the UA campus comes to life with cultural, spiritual and community-building celebrations. Students, faculty and staff get to experience the diversity of the campus and its environs through a myriad of inclusive programs. These celebrations serve as an opportunity to gain a broader view of the world.

Location and hours

The Multicultural Center
Schrank Hall North 58
Akron, OH 44325-6107

Phone: 330-972-7008
Fax: 330-374-5263       

Office hours
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Our team

Mr. John Alvarez Turner, M.A.Ed. Image: John Alvarez Turner
Associate Director of The Multicultural Center