Frequently asked questions

How Do I Get An Audition Date?

Go to the web site ( and select your date for your audition. Choose Request Information. Or call the music office at 330.972.7590 to set up your audition date.

What Will The Audition Consist Of?

A written theory placement test, a Piano Proficiency, and an audition on your selected instrument(s). Read more detail below....

Piano Proficiency

Given to assess your keyboard skills. If you have no keyboard skills, you will be placed in a beginning piano class.

Written Test

Test will include: definitions of musical symbols and terms, recognition of note and rest values, knowledge of key signatures and scales and aural recognition of scale forms, rhythms and pitches.

Performance Audition Requirements

Audition for the area of your choice. Study requirements for your applied area. You need to audition for only one applied area, but have the option of choosing more than one.

Individual instrument audition requirements here