The Electronic Music Composition Studio makes equipment available to students for academic and instructional enhancement. The Electronic Music Studio features Digital Hard-Disk, 8-channel ADAT, Stereo CD, and Analog reel-to-reel multi-track recording capabilities. The MIDI set-up is anchored by an Apple G5 computer, Digital Performer 4.6 sequencing, hard-disk recording and editing software, a MOTU 896 multi-channel digital I/O, and a MOTU MIDI Time-piece AV. In addition to an extensive array of outboard effects, signal processing and synchronization gear, the Studio houses classic analog and digital synthesizers such as the modular Moog series I and III, the ARP 2600, and Yamaha DX7, as well as more current workstation synthesizers and samplers like the Yamaha SY99 and the Kurzweil K2500S. The facility's monitoring system is built around a Mackie 8-bus analog mixing console and Mackie studio monitors.