If you have applied to The University of Akron, but have not received your admission, please visit The Office of Admissions.

If you have been admitted and have not yet confirmed your enrollment, please visit the Accepted Students' page for your next steps.

New Student Orientation: Transfer Transition 

Transfer Transition programs are half-day events. Once you have paid the confirmation fee you are assigned an Orientation Program based off how you were admitted to the University.

 Pre-Orientation Tasks

You should have received a confirmation Email to all registered Email accounts (your UA Email included) with your scheduled date. If you did not receive this Email and have paid the confirmation fee, please contact us via email or by phone at 330-972-2622.

Once you're all set with your orientation date, please see the tasks below. By completing this check list, you help us make your orientation program a great one!


Make your travel plans

Print out the valid parking permit included in your email and place it on the dashboard of your vehicle. This pass is valid for any commuter designated lot or deck. Visit the travel information page for more information.


Verify your major

Ensure the major listed in your confirmation Email is correct. An incorrect major could impact your scheduled date. If it is incorrect, please fill out the change of major form and we will communicate any changes to your program if they occur.


Log in to your MyAkron account

Ensure you are able to log into your MyAkron account for computer related tasks. Please contact Computer Support if you need assistance prior to.


Review the schedule

Please review the schedule to ensure you've made plans to be present at the entire program.

Summer Check List

You've had your Advising & Registration Program, but now what? You're probably eager to start classes, but until that time comes, take a look at a few of the things we'd like for you to explore prior to that. 


Pay your bill

Your bill is due in early August! Make sure you log onto My Akron to pay it by the due date.


RSVP for New Roo Weekend

New Roo Weekend is August 24-25! An RSVP link will be sent to you in early August, so check your UA email.


Purchase textbooks & request your parking permit

Make sure you get your textbooks and request your parking permit. You can do both through your My Akron account when available!


Download the UA Mobile App

Make sure you download the UA Mobile App before the start of classes!

Additional Resources

Military Service Center -a great resource if you are veteran, active duty, or a member of the National Guard.

UA Adult Focus - provides services for adult students who are 25 and over.

Transfer & Adult Student Enrollment Center - assists transfer & adult students on matters of enrollment 

New Student Orientation

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