Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation Questions

Do I need to go to orientation?

Yes. The University of Akron requires all new students and new transfer students to participate in an orientation program before enrolling in classes. Orientation programs are offered on a variety of dates prior to the start of each academic term.

I attended an Admissions Visitation Day. Is that the same as orientation?

They aren't the same! An Admissions Visitation Day is not required and serves as more of a preview to UA's campus. Orientation is a required component to your experience at Akron. You will schedule your first semester of courses, receive important information about attending as a student, and make important connections to the university.

Why do transfer students have to go to an orientation?

Transfer Transition has been designed to ease the student's transition from one institution to The University of Akron. Transfer students are required to attend a Transfer Transition orientation program to meet with an academic adviser, review their degree plan and to enroll in the appropriate courses toward degree completion. As a transfer student, you are likely already well-prepared for life as a college student, so your orientation does not last a full day. If you seek additional assistance however, please let us know!

I changed my major after I was admitted. Will that affect orientation?

It absolutely can if you don't let us know! Please fill out this form to ensure your most up-to-date major is received by our office. Your orientation is schedule based off your admit status and a change in major can impact the academic advising unit you meet with and your orientation date. We will communicate any changes with you.

Can my parent come to orientation?

While not required, your parents can attend Family Focus during your Advising & Registration Program, which is offered in conjunction with most orientation programs during the summer months. New Roo Weekend, however, is a student only portion of orientation.

I've attended orientation. Now what?

You're a student! An Official Zip! Congratulations! Make sure you take a look at the post-orientation check list and get prepped for the start of classes. You'll also want to make sure you look out for information regarding New Roo Weekend right before classes start.

Confirmation Fee 

Do I have to pay the confirmation fee?

All domestic freshmen and transfer students must pay the confirmation fee. Students participating in the College Credit Plus orientation do not pay the confirmation fee. To access the confirmation fee page, please click here.

What happens when I pay the confirmation fee?

You are scheduled for an orientation program, based off your population. Orientations are scheduled based off the payment date of the confirmation fee and admit type. By paying the confirmation fee, you are declaring your intent to enroll at The University of Akron.

Is the confirmation fee refundable?

For students admitted for the fall or summer term, the fee is refundable until May 1st. The fee is not refundable prior to May 1st if you have already attended an orientation program. For students admitted for the spring term, the fee is refundable until January 1st. The fee is not refundable prior to January 1st if you have already attended an orientation program. Students who attend an orientation program are not eligible to receive a refund regardless of date. Please see the confirmation fee payment page for more information regarding our refund policy.

Is there a deadline to pay the confirmation fee?

There are priority deadlines and final deadlines. The priority deadline is to guarantee an orientation program. The final deadline is the last day you can pay the fee to be scheduled for an orientation. Admitted students who do not pay the confirmation fee by the final deadline cannot be scheduled for an orientation program. Please see the confirmation fee payment page for more information regarding our deadlines.

In what ways can I pay the confirmation fee?

You can pay the fee online, in person, or by mail. Please see the confirmation fee payment page for more information regarding ways to pay.

Can the confirmation fee be waived?

The confirmation fee cannot be waived or deferred.

Academic Advising Questions

How can you be involved as a parent?

It is important to stay supportive of your child as they experience the recruitment process. Should your student join, be sure to participate and witness their growth firsthand. Once your son or daughter is a member of the Greek community, there are many opportunities for you to be a part of this aspect of their college life. Many of the chapters at the University of Akron host events such as family weekend or a Mom’s/Dad’s day in order for the family to learn more about their student’s chapter and stay involved! In addition, you may:
  • Ask about your student’s new sisterhood or brotherhood, their values, and historical pillars of membership.
  • Research on the chapter’s (inter)national website.
  • Encourage your student to take a leadership role in the chapter.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of resources in the Greek community, such as scholarships.
  • Know the grade requirements to maintain membership and challenge them to take advantage of academic resources being offered.

Be a Support System

There are many ways to support your student during this exciting time. Encourage your student to be confident and show their genuine self. We recommend that you:
  • Check in with your student during the recruitment process.
  • Talk with your student about making an individual decision: friends amongst chapters are a good thing!
  • Help them weigh the considerations for joining each group: philanthropy, sisterhood/brotherhood support, service work, scholarship opportunities, leadership development, responsibilities, and job skills.
  • Talk about the financial responsibility associated with membership.
  • If you are an alumnus/a of an organization, consider their legacy but also be open-minded and supportive of membership should they choose a fraternity/sorority other than your own.

Common misconceptions about Fraternity and Sorority Life

Hazing is against the law in the state of Ohio and can jeopardize a student’s membership in their chapter, while jeopardizing their enrollment at the University. Anyone who knows or suspects that someone is being hazed should contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. The University of Akron has a zero tolerance policy of hazing.

Low grades
Many of our chapters enhance the academic experience by offering scholarships, study skill workshops, and by holding weekly study tables. The University of Akron’s fraternity and sorority students consistently obtain a higher grade point average than non-affiliated students, with 87% of our members responding that as a result of joining their fraternity/sorority they have increased their academic success. Check out the Fraternity and Sorority Life grade reports on the Scholarship Page

While known as social organizations, partying is not the main focus of the sororities and fraternities on the University of Akron’s campus. Members of the Greek community are constantly busy studying, raising money for philanthropies, participating in service events to help the community, and spending time with their brothers or sisters during events such as socials.

Top 4 reasons our members joined a fraternity/sorority

  • To be a part of an organization with values
  • To participate in philanthropy/community service
  • To be able to develop more personal relationships
  • To gain leadership opportunities

Placement Test FAQs

What is COMPASS testing?

COMPASS is a computer based testing system used by The University of Akron to determine appropriate placement in first semester courses. Learn more about COMPASS.

Am I required to take a COMPASS test?

COMPASS tests are required based on your ACT or SAT scores and your major, and will help us place you in the right class. This chart indicates the highest level course you are permitted to take, based on your ACT or SAT test scores and your major.
ACT Math Score SAT Math Score Course Placement
28-higher 630-higher Calculus 3450: or 2030:255
24-27 560-629 Pre-calculus 3450:149 or 3450:215
22-23 531-559 College Algebra 3450:145 
Basic Statistics 3470:260, 3470:261
21-lower 530-lower COMPASS Math Test Required
Biology Majors
23-lower 560-lower COMPASS Math Test Required
Engineering & Additional Science majors*
27-lower 629-lower COMPASS Math Test Required
ACT English Score SAT Verbal Score Course Placement
28-higher 610-higher English Composition II 3300:112
25-27 570-600 English Composition I 3300:111 (Honors)
18-24 430-560 English Composition I 3300:111
17-lower 420-lower COMPASS Writing Test Required
ACT Reading Score SAT Verbal Score Course Placement
16-higher 410-higher No COMPASS Reading Test required
15-lower 409-lower COMPASS Reading Test Required
*Additional majors requiring math testing: All engineering disciplines, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and others if indicated on enrollment packet or requested by advising.

Do I need to come to the main campus to take a COMPASS test?

No. You can test at a branch location. Choose from:

Or you can find a remote test center closer to home:

Visit the ACT site to find a remote testing center

Note: Some remote testing centers may charge a fee. Arrange the test at the location of your choice by calling us at 330-972-6511.

Visit the ACT site to find a remote testing center

Note: Some remote testing centers may charge a fee. Arrange the test at the location of your choice by calling us at 330-972-6511.

What if I didn't take the ACT or SAT test?

If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, or your test scores are not on file with The University of Akron, you will be required to take COMPASS tests in math, writing, and reading.

I took the COMPASS test for Post-secondary classes. Do I need to take the test again?

We can use your Post-secondary COMPASS test scores if they are less than one year old.

I need accommodations for my placement tests. What is available?

Accommodations may include a quiet testing environment, test reader services, or alternative testing formats such as Braille. Contact Testing Services, at 330-972-7084, to request accommodations.

I took the AP test in high school. What should I do with those scores?

Bring your score report to orientation. If your orientation occurs before you receive your score report, tell your academic adviser so that adjustments can be made when scores are received.

Do you accept CLEP scores?

UA currently accepts passing CLEP scores for many general education courses. Learn more.

Can I take a foreign language test for college credit?

Students who have taken several years of foreign language in high school, or who are fluent in a second language, may choose to test for bypass credit. Learn more.

My ACT or SAT test scores don't adequately reflect my academic abilities and I was placed into a lower level course. What can I do?

You can take a COMPASS test to try to place into a higher level course with written permission from your adviser.

Parent FAQ

Do I need to bring my parents to orientation?

While not required, your parents can attend Family Focus during your Advising & Registration Program, which is offered in conjunction with most orientation programs during the summer months. New Roo Weekend, however, is a student only portion of orientation.

Can a parent be with their student during the academic advising appointment?

No. The University of Akron considers all new students to be adults and responsible for their own academic pursuits. The academic adviser will meet with each student individually during the orientation day to discuss the student's academic goals. A parent can review their student's schedule and adjustments can be made through the end of the first week of the semester, if necessary. Exception: Parents of high school students participating in the College Credit Plus Program have the option of attending the academic advising appointment.

Financial Questions

How much does it cost to attend The University of Akron?

The most recent tuition and fee schedule is explained here. This information is subject to change without notice. Additional questions about the costs associated with attending the University can be referred to the Office of Student Accounts at 330-972-5100. March 1st is the priority deadline to be considered for Financial Aid. If your Financial Aid is not complete by the due date you should be prepared to pay a down payment and sign up for the payment plan.

What resources are available to assist with financing my college education?

Students who need financial assistance should apply for financial aid early! Don't wait until you attend orientation to apply for financial aid. For information about the financial aid process, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid or call 330-972-7032.

What are my student's banking options while attending The University of Akron?

The University of Akron has approved PNC Bank as our official on campus bank for students. PNC has convenient on-campus locations, with 7 ATMs and a branch located on the first floor of the Student Union. However, students are free to use any bank that meets their financial needs. PNC will have representatives on campus during orientation. For additional information on the PNC Bank campus program, please visit

Transition to College

I'm an adult student concerned about returning to school

You are not alone. UA Adult Focus offers a variety of programs and services to assist you in making the transition back to school. For information, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns, call 330-972-5793, e-mail or visit Adult Focus.

Akron Adventures FAQs

Who participates in Akron Adventures?

Akron Adventures is open to all incoming first-year students on a first come, first serve basis. On your trip, you will be joined by other first-year students as well as upper-class student facilitators and professional staff members from the Office of New Student Orientation and other offices on campus.

Is Transportation Provided?

Students participating in the Akron Adventures trips will meet at The University of Akron campus and depart to the Adventures site as a group. Directions to the meeting point on campus and a campus parking permit will be sent with your confirmation materials after you register for your Adventure. 

How many students can participate?

Each Akron Adventures trip is determined by date of trip, type of event, and location. Please see main page trip details.

How much does it cost?

Each trip has a different cost depending on length of trip and activities included. All transportation, cost of events, and meals are provided however.

How do I choose a trip?

Each trip provides the same opportunity to bond with other incoming students, learn new skills, and to be challenged. The difference is where you go and the activities you do. So, read about the trips and choose the one that sounds most interesting to you.

How do I register and pay for the program?

See main page for instructions on signing up. Registration for Akron Adventures trips fills on a first-come first-serve basis.

Do I need special equipment?

Most specialized camping equipment—like tents, kayaks, climbing gear, life vests, and rafts are provided by The University of Akron or affiliated outfitters. You are responsible for bringing personal items like clothing and proper footwear. Please see the sample packing list provided in your trip confirmation materials for more details about equipment.

Do I need previous camping experience?

The Akron Adventures programs are designed to challenge all participants at their own level. Beginners will receive basic instruction for each activity and more experienced campers will also have the opportunity to challenge their comfort zones. All students will learn how to cooperate as a group in an outdoor setting. 

Are these trips safe?

Like all physical activities, the Akron Adventure trips can present a risk. The University of Akron aims to minimize that risk by using only trained and certified professionals to facilitate activities. Emergency protocols are in place and will be followed when necessary. 

Where and when do I check in for my trip?

A few weeks before the scheduled departure date for your trip you will receive a packet in the mail with updates about your trip and specifics about where to meet the group on campus. 

What if I live outside the Akron area and need to arrive the night before my Akron Adventures trip? Where can I stay in Akron?

Participants may stay overnight in a residence hall room on campus. To reserve a room, please contact Nino Colla at or 330-972-2145. 

If I’m driving to Akron for my trip, where can I park my car?

For those driving to campus, parking is available on campus. You will receive a temporary parking permit in your Akron Adventures Trip Confirmation Packet that will be mailed to you about two weeks before your trip departs. We ask that all participants meet at UA's campus and travel with the group, even if you are "on the way" to the trip's location. Due to safety reasons, we will not pick up participants at other locations.

Should I bring a cell phone on the trip?

While you are permitted to bring a cell phone, we will ask you to turn off the phone during the day while participating in camp activities. You should also note that in some remote areas of our camping locations, cell phone service is not available.