Akron Adventures FAQs

Who participates in Akron Adventures?

Akron Adventures is open to all incoming first-year students on a first come, first serve basis. On your trip, you will be joined by other first-year students as well as upper-class student facilitators and professional staff members from the Office of New Student Orientation and other offices on campus.

Is Transportation Provided?

Students participating in the Akron Adventures trips will meet at The University of Akron campus and depart to the Adventures site as a group. Directions to the meeting point on campus and a campus parking permit will be sent with your confirmation materials after you register for your Adventure. 

How many students can participate?

Each Akron Adventures trip is determined by date of trip, type of event, and location. Please see main page trip details.

How much does it cost?

Each trip has a different cost depending on length of trip and activities included. All transportation, cost of events, and meals are provided however.

How do I choose a trip?

Each trip provides the same opportunity to bond with other incoming students, learn new skills, and to be challenged. The difference is where you go and the activities you do. So, read about the trips and choose the one that sounds most interesting to you.

How do I register and pay for the program?

See main page for instructions on signing up. Registration for Akron Adventures trips fills on a first-come first-serve basis.

Do I need special equipment?

Most specialized camping equipment—like tents, kayaks, climbing gear, life vests, and rafts are provided by The University of Akron or affiliated outfitters. You are responsible for bringing personal items like clothing and proper footwear. Please see the sample packing list provided in your trip confirmation materials for more details about equipment.

Do I need previous camping experience?

The Akron Adventures programs are designed to challenge all participants at their own level. Beginners will receive basic instruction for each activity and more experienced campers will also have the opportunity to challenge their comfort zones. All students will learn how to cooperate as a group in an outdoor setting. 

Are these trips safe?

Like all physical activities, the Akron Adventure trips can present a risk. The University of Akron aims to minimize that risk by using only trained and certified professionals to facilitate activities. Emergency protocols are in place and will be followed when necessary. 

Where and when do I check in for my trip?

A few weeks before the scheduled departure date for your trip you will receive a packet in the mail with updates about your trip and specifics about where to meet the group on campus. 

What if I live outside the Akron area and need to arrive the night before my Akron Adventures trip? Where can I stay in Akron?

Participants may stay overnight in a residence hall room on campus. To reserve a room, please contact Nino Colla at ncolla@uakron.edu or 330-972-2145. 

If I’m driving to Akron for my trip, where can I park my car?

For those driving to campus, parking is available on campus. You will receive a temporary parking permit in your Akron Adventures Trip Confirmation Packet that will be mailed to you about two weeks before your trip departs. We ask that all participants meet at UA's campus and travel with the group, even if you are "on the way" to the trip's location. Due to safety reasons, we will not pick up participants at other locations.

Should I bring a cell phone on the trip?

While you are permitted to bring a cell phone, we will ask you to turn off the phone during the day while participating in camp activities. You should also note that in some remote areas of our camping locations, cell phone service is not available.