We have begun the process of choosing the common reading selection for 2017. If you have a title you would like to submit for consideration, please Email it to

About the Common Reading Program

The Common Reading Committee chooses the Common Reading selection each year. The committee is comprised of staff and faculty representing the interests of areas that include First Year Experience, Akron Experience Courses, English, Political Science, Psychology, Service Learning, & Communications. First-year students read the book, and faculty members infuse its themes into general-education course curricula throughout the first year. The program brings the author to campus to speak to the incoming freshman class during New Roo Weekend.

The goals of the Common Reading Program include the following

Sense of community— The Common Reading Program should assist in creating a sense of community among the entire incoming freshman class. Students should gain a sense of unity or be bonded together as a class by this common experience of reading the selected book or partaking in similar activities involved with the program.

Campus Integration— The Common Reading Program should integrate a number of campus partners to create a series of co-curricular opportunities and experiences for students to interact with different aspects of campus and other students as a way of feeling more integrated to UA.

Educate, Empower, & Motivate— The program’s selected title should strive to appeal to a broad range of interests, backgrounds, and experiences. The book should engage students, motivate them to succeed in aspects of college, and prepare them for both their academic and engagement experiences and expectations.

Diversify & Connect— The program as a whole, through the selected book, its themes, and co-curricular experiences, should connect students of similar and dissimilar qualities and bring to the forefront an awareness and tolerance for cultural likenesses and differences. It should help enhance and given an opportunity for students to explore their values and ethics.