Common Reading Program


  • To select a book that interests a variety of students from different backgrounds, majors, and experiences
  • To select a book that is students find engaging enough to read outside of required coursework
  • To provide an introduction to the expectations of higher education
  • To encourage students to read beyond textbooks
  • To create a foundation for students to explore values and ethics
  • To raise awareness and tolerance of intergenerational and cultural likenesses and differences
  • To promote academic discourse and critical thinking
  • To create a sense of community among incoming students
  • To integrate an academic and social experience into the campus community

Past Selections

  • 2014 Orange is the New Black, by Piper Kerman
  • 2013 The Unlikely Disciple, by Kevin Roose
  • 2012 The Other Wes Moore, by Wes Moore
  • 2011 The Glass Castle, by Jeanette Walls
  • 2010 The Soloist, by Steve Lopez
  • 2009 Run, by Ann Patchett
  • 2008 A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a boy soldier, by Ishmael Beah
  • 2007 Behind The Veil: An American Woman's Memoir of the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, by Debra Johanyak
  • 2006 Five Finger Discount, by Helene Stapinski
  • 2005 Three Weeks with My Brother, by Nicholas Sparks
  • 2004 Gum Dipped, by Joyce Dyer
  • 2003 The Ditchdigger's Daughter, by Yvonne Thorton
  • 2002 Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • 2001 October Sky, by Homer Hickam
  • 2000 The Color of Water, by James McBride