Students enrolled in the University of Akron Bachelor of Nursing degree program.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Recommended course sequence (Curriculum guide)

Admission BSN requirements

University of Akron students who have completed prerequisite coursework apply for the BSN degree through their academic adviser during a specified period of spring semester to be considered for fall admission into the nursing major.

BSN degree-seeking students must meet the minimum criteria below. Students are separated into categories for admission consideration. 

  • 2.75 Prerequisite GPA. All prerequisites must be completed by the end of spring semester.
  • 2.75 Prerequisite Science GPA (Intro to Gen., Organic, & Biochem I and II lecture/lab and Anatomy & Physiology I and II lecture/lab). Ranking in each admission category will be by science GPA.

No grade less than a "C" in any prerequisite course (grades of "C-" must be repeated; refer to the repeat policy).

Important: Completion of all admission criteria does not guarantee admission into the nursing major. Entry is competitive.

Admission consideration categories

  • Priority Pool : Prenursing students who were admitted or transferred to the school before the first day of spring semester, are prioritized by Pre-science GPA. Five seats are reserved for Army ROTC scholarship recipients. 
  • Secondary Pool :Any Pre-Nursing student or ICT students who have repeated a Pre-admission science class will be placed in this category, and are prioritized by Pre-science GPA. The top five students in this category whose science GPS is above the priority pool cut off will be offered a seat in the major.

Repeat policy

If College of Health Professions prenursing students or Advising Center intended-nursing major students do not successfully complete the science prerequisite courses the first time, they are allowed to repeat the course for a change of grade one time only. Students who take a science course for a third time to earn a grade of "C", will no longer be eligible for the nursing major until the first science course is five years old.

A faculty member leads nursing students in a lab at The University of Akron

Change of BSN requirements

Without limiting the generality of its powers to alter, amend, or revoke rules and regulation, The University of Akron reserves the right to make changes in degree requirements of the student enrolled prior to the change by:

  • Altering the number of credits and/or courses required in a major field of study
  • Deleting courses
  • Amending courses by increasing decreasing the credits of specific courses
  • Offering substitute courses in the same or cognate fields.

More information about the nursing program is available in the Prenursing and Nursing Student Baccalaureate Handbook

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