Assistantships, scholarships and fellowships

Graduate Assistantships

The School of Nursing is awarded a number of graduate assistantships each year. With the acceptance of an award, you are to register for a minimum of 9 semester hours each semester and work 20 hours per week within the college (10 hours for a part-time award). Paid tuition and a stipend are associated with an assistantship.

Tuition Scholarship

In order to receive a tuition scholarship, you must be a new master's student enrolled full time.

Traineeship Fellowships

These fellowships are awarded to agree to work following graduation in Federally Designated Underserved Health Professional Shortage Areas with underserved populations. The amount of a stipend and the percentage of tuition paid depend upon the amount of funds awarded to the College.


Applications may be obtained from Susan Bradford in the School of Nursing. Applications are to be made early summer for the following year.