Technology Support Services

Technology increasingly plays a central role in many aspects of nursing education.  The School of Nursing values the integration of technology into classroom and online instruction and provides a wide variety of services to support our instructional, research, and administrative missions.

Technology Plan

Technology within the school is guided by the School of Nursing Technology Plan, developed by a committee of administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The plan identifies the role technology plays within the school and establishes guidelines, policies, and procedures to govern its use.  The plan is reviewed every two years and updated to reflect new objectives and priorities.

2009-2012 School of Nursing Technology Plan (PDF)


The School of Nursing provides various computer services for students and faculty including technologically-enhanced classrooms, both stationary and mobile computer labs, a state-of-the-art Learning Resources Center, and faculty and student instructional support services.

The School of Nursing mobile computing lab is housed in MGH 306.  Policies and Procedures governing its use, as well as a reservation form for faculty, can be found with the links below.

Mobile Lab Policies & Procedures

Mobile Lab Reservation Form

Springboard Support

Springboard support is available within the School of Nursing for all web-enhanced and web-based courses.  Services include:

  • Creation of courses in Springboard
  • Adding multiple instructors/faculty as course designers
  • Adding course content
  • Creating content modules
  • Assistance with managing content modules
  • Assistance with managing files
  • Development of interactive content
  • Restricting student access to assignments/documents
  • Selective release dates
  • Incorporating Springboard tools (e.g. video, quizzes, tests, etc) to accommodate various learning styles
  • Creating quizzes, self-tests and surveys
  • Assistance in using the assessment tools within Springboard to grade assignments and quizzes, and make results available to students
  • Assistance with course communication tools (discussion groups, chat, web mail)
  • Assistance with monitoring student activity with the tracking utility

UA Software Training Services offers seminars for using Springboard. 

Seminar topics include:

  • Getting Started with Springboard
  • Springboard Communication Tools
  • Creating Content for Springboard
  • Springboard Student Management
  • Springboard Student Tools
  • Springboard Assessment & Evaluation

Seminars needs to be registered for and are held monthly. Use your UANet ID and register at: