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Mission Statements

Coordinated Program Mission Statement:

Graduates of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics will be prepared as entry-level Registered Dietitians for future practice in the field of nutrition and dietetics with attitudes, understandings, and skills that will allow them to analyze critically and meet the diverse needs of individuals and/or society.  The program provides graduates with the knowledge and tools to develop skills necessary to develop into leaders in the field and to translate and apply the science of food and nutrition to health.

Food and Environmental Nutrition Mission Statement:

The mission of the Food and Environmental Nutrition Program is to develop students with the expertise needed in the food and nutrition industry today and tomorrow.  The program serves to meet the strong national demand for expertise in food, nutrition and business, as well as the employment needs of food manufacturers and related businesses, and the growing interest in sustainability and locally grown food resources.  FEN graduates have earned a Bachelor of Science which prepares them for a successful career in the food industry.  

School Statement of Diversity