Status of select academic searches

March 2, 2023

Job ID Title Date opened College/dept Status Comment
Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences 10/6/21 College of Health and Human Services Position filled - Daniel Friesner, Ph.D., has been named as dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences. Announced November 29, 2022 | Start date June 30, 2023
Senior Vice Provost 6/08/22 OAA Position filled - Gwyneth Price, Ph.D., has been named senior vice provost Announced November 7, 2022 | Start date December 22, 2022


  1. Search plan in development
  2. Job posted and applications being accepted
  3. Committee is reviewing applicants
  4. Committee is conducting interviews
  5. Interviews completed and committee making recommendations
  6. Position filled


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