Looking for housing?feet with arrows pointing in all directions

Evaluate locations for your next move by asking these questions during your search. It will help you narrow down what is the best fit for you, and help you think of factors you may not know to consider.

Food for thought: there are specific meal plans available for commuters.

You can use these resources to begin your housing search:

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Factors to consider when choosing your rental:

You'll want to consider the TOTAL cost of the location you are reviewing. In addition to your monthly rent, you will be responsible for additional costs that will effect your budget.

*Sometimes specific utility costs are included with the price of your lease, so make sure to ask the landlord what you will be responsible for outside of your monthly rent.

  • Electric
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Trash pick-up
  • Renters insurance
  • Parking

Will you be living alone or with roommates? 

Determining how many bedrooms you need or how many people you plan to live with will impact your housing search and your cost. There are pros and cons to consider for both living alone and with roommates. 

Often living by yourself is more costly than living with roommates. In part because the per bed costs will often decrease as the number of bedrooms increases. Also, the more people splitting the base price of utilities the less you have to cover alone.

If you want roommates but don't know who to live with, many apartments around campus actually have roommate matching services, where you can be matched with other renters in a multiple bedroom unit.

Your mode of transportation will be a big deciding factor in how close to campus you will want or need to be. 

There are many apartment locations around campus that are within walking distance. If you will be driving there are extra considerations to factor in. 

If you will be relying on public transportation:

  • Check where the nearest bus stops are located
  • Their route and times
  • Bus pass costs

If you will have your own transportation:

  • Costs: Gas, on-campus parking passes, rental parking
    • Does your rental offer parking? If so, is the cost included in your rent or is it extra?
    • Some places have their own garages or designated lots, while others just offer "street parking" which is not a guaranteed spot near your home.
  • Time: factor in extra time to drive to and park on campus

Are you looking for a lease that runs the length of the school year, just one semester, or for the whole calendar year?

Many off-campus housing locations near the University offer leases for the normal school year, with a gap for the summer break. 

Make sure to ask if there are different prices for different lease lengths. Some shorter leases are more expensive monthly but may be worth it so you are not paying for extra months you won't be here or prevent you from needing to find a sublease.

Often apartment and housing companies will have specific pet policies. Certain locations won't allow any pets, while some allow a specific animal or size such as only cats or only animals under a certain weight limit. 

Places that do allow pets often will make you pay a non-refundable deposit or add a monthly fee for having a pet. 

Do you have all your own furniture or prefer not to have your own yet?

Some places provide fully furnished options and some do not offer anything.

If you need a furnished rental, be sure to contact the property management or landlord to determine whether or not your property has that option. If furnished is an option, check if there is an additional monthly cost or a one time deposit to use it.

If you don't find what you want in the furnished options, you can rent just furniture. A quick Google search of "Akron Furniture Rental" should give you a number of results related to renting furniture so you do not have to buy your own.

Buying vs renting?

Think about how how many times you plan to move in and out during your time in Akron.

Will you be leaving every summer and need to put your things in storage or do you plan to stay in the same place the duration of your time in Akron? Depending on your situation one option will make more sense than the other.

There are many businesses near the University, as well as jobs on campus, but you may find one a little further of a drive from campus. So that could help you in determining which part of Akron to look in.