off-campus living

Off-Campus Living and Commuting

  • We are here to help you transition from on-campus to off-campus living, or if you are a commuter. We also work with permanent residents, local area landlords, on-campus departments and parents of off-campus students.

  • Our purpose is to help you succeed both on and off campus. We are a resource that fosters student engagement and creates an environment on campus to enable student growth.

  • We assist you with finding housing, or finding spots on campus for commuter students. We partner with local businesses to promote the Akron community, and inform students of their rights and responsibilities.

Which type of off-campus student are you?

    Here's a breakdown to identify the main differences between the Off-Campus and Commuter student populations at The University of Akron.


Typically 1st/2nd year students

Tends to live in a similar home environment to that of high school

Typically lives beyond the immediate downtown Akron area neighborhoods

Typically drives a car to campus

Experiences challenges such as: establishing independence; balancing work, school, and family; and integrating into the campus community


Typically 3rd/4th year students who previously lived on campus

Tends to live with friends/roommates or alone

Lives off campus but within a small, often walking distance from the UA campus

Typically walks, bikes or rides the bus to campus

Experiences challenges such as: living away from home; living with roommates; and navigating the landlord/tenant relationship