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Our site is your one stop shop for all off-campus needs. If you are a commuter student, residence hall student transitioning off campus, a landlord, or even a parent of an off campus student we are here to help you!


Whether you are a current commuter, a residence hall student transitioning to off-campus, or international student just getting acquainted to the area, we are here for you! Our site is full of resources about the surrounding communities. Take a look around our site, and if you have any questions feel free to contact the ZipAssist office!

Interested in off-campus housing for next semester? Browse our housing list to see what's available!

Active housing list

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You can also view and or join our Facebook page, where students and landlords can view and post information on available housing around campus! 

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Commuter Student Services

Are you a commuter student looking for more ways to get involved on and off campus? Do you have any questions about your experience as a commuter student? Commuter Student Services is here to assist you! 

Spring 2017 Updates

Although there is no current Off-Campus Living updates, check out our Commuter Student Services page to learn more about events taking place both on and off campus!


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Safety on Campus

Campus safety is a priority at UA, our safety website describes these measures and provides advice for students on how to live smartly as part of a vibrant urban environment.

Myths and Realities

People sometimes assume that there aren't very many commuters on our campus, discover the facts regarding this and other common myths about commuters on our Myths page.


See answers to you and your student's questions about off-campus living on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

More for Parents

The University has created a site just for you.


To view our up-to-date database and add your student housing to the list, please visit our off-campus housing page. This webpage is very user-friendly and will help students in their decision in finding their perfect place to live. A representative is available to answer your questions or post your advertisement at 1-800-461-3657.

If you would like to see the Akron Municipal Codes or would like to register your rental with the city of Akron, please visit this link.

Contact Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living

Simmons Hall, front information desk

Phone: 330-972-6441


Fall 2017 hours

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Fore more information, please see our Additional Resources page.

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