Contract signature authority information

The Board of Trustees has specifically delegated contract signature authority through the University Rules.   Set out below is a chart that provides the specific rule and grant of authority to employees of The University of Akron by the Board of Trustees.  The delegations are limited to specific contract types and dollar amounts. Please refer to the University Rules if you have any questions about the appropriate administrator to approve and sign a contract.  If you do not have contract signature authority designated to you under University Rule, an employee may also have signature authority through a letter from the President designating signature authority.  Without either a grant of authority by University Rule or letter designating authority, you may not enter in to contractual relationships on the University's behalf. Failure to follow University policies on contracts may result in the employee's loss of insurance coverage and personal liability. The Office of General Counsel maintains copies of all letters from the President delegating specific signature authority.

Even where an employee has signature authority, contracts for the purchase of goods and services should be referred to the Department of Purchasing. Contracts related to a grant or sponsored project must be administered through Research Services and Sponsored Programs.

Before the university may enter into a contract, it may be necessary to go through a competitive bidding process.  Examples of some contracts that are subject to competitive bidding are as follows.  Any purchase of goods in excess of $75,000, and the purchase of services in excess of $100,000 all must be by competitive bid. Purchases of goods and services for amounts between $75,000 and $500,000 must be reported to the Board of Trustees.  Purchases of goods or services that exceed $500,000, with limited exceptions, must receive prior approval of the Board of Trustees.  For more information about competitive bidding and contracts subject to competitive bidding, please contact the Department of Purchasing and review University Rule 3359-3-07.

If you still have questions about contract signature authority after referring to the relevant policy, please contact the Office of General Counsel.

Position Rules Granting or Referencing Signature Authority Types of Contracts That May Be Signed



  • All contracts consistent with University Rules and Policies.
  • Contracts involving the expenditures of money.
Executive Vice President and Provost



  • Executive contracts on behalf of the university, consistent with University Rules and Policies
  • Contracts involving the expenditures of money
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)



  • All contracts consistent with University Rules and Policies
  • Contracts involving the expenditures of money.
Associate Vice President for Research and Director of Technology Transfer 3359-2-05(A)(9)(a)(vi)
  • All contracts related to the use of university research and service centers for economic development
Vice Provost for Research 3359-2-10(E)
  • All research contracts consistent with the rules of the university, including but not limited to the requirements and restrictions in Rule 3359-2-05
Vice President and General Counsel 3359-7-01(A)(4)
  • All contracts and legal documents including without limitation:
    • Settlement documents approved by the Ohio Attorney General
    • Routine settlements and releases pertaining to litigation or threatened litigation including: worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation, collection matters, labor contracts, intellectual property documents, bond documents, and supporting opinions
Director of Purchasing 3359-3-07
  • All contracts involving the expenditure of money within limits set by board rule (such as competitive bidding and the necessity of prior approval)
Vice President for Talent Development and Human Resources 3359-3-05 B(2)(i)
  • Serve as the university appointing authority, including signatory authority for personnel actions, as delegated by the President.
Dean of University Libraries 3359-3-07 F(1)(b)
  • All contracts for the purchase of library books and periodicals within the library’s budget
Law Librarian 3359-3-07 F(1)(b)
  • All contracts for the purchase of library books and periodicals within the law library’s budget
Athletic Director 3359-3-07 F(1)(d)
  • All contracts with other colleges and universities for intercollegiate athletic events
Director of E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall 3359-3-07 F(1)(c) 
  • All contracts for the purchase of the services of performing artists