Frequently asked questions

We recognize that during this time, you may have many questions that you need answered. Hopefully you have been able to have them answered by now. However, we recognize that questions come up at different times for different reasons. We hope that you and yours are doing well during this time. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will do our best to answer them as completely as possible during this unprecedented and constantly changing time.

Can I Still Get Assistance from OMD?

Yes! By now, you should have received an email (or several) from your advisor. Be sure to read the email in its entirety so that you understand the information your advisor is sharing. We are still available to you via email, phone, and WebEx for advising appointments.

Can I Still Meet with my Advisor?

Yes, we are still holding advising appointments. You can schedule appointments with your advisor (including Mr. Casterlow!) by following the instructions you’ve received.

If you do not have contact information, see our Instagram Highlights for information specific to each advisor.

I need to Enroll in Classes for Summer or Fall, can I still do that?

 Yes! Enrollment is currently open for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020. For your enrollment date, please visit your Student Center or visit for your date based on earned credits.

I Heard About There Being an Option for Credit or No Credit (N/NC). What Does This Mean? How Can it Affect Me and My Grades?

The credit/non-credit grading option that the Board has approved can impact you in ways you may not realize. Please consult with your academic advisor before making a decision. Additionally, visit for further information on this decision.

How Should I Communicate with my Professor During this time?

By now, you should have received communication from your instructors related to your courses through email, Brightspace or other methods previously discussed by them. It is important to stay in constant communication with them during this transitional phase to make sure that you are getting what you need from them and, consequently, can be sure to be doing your part in your courses to finish this semester successfully.

If, for some reason you are having a difficult time contacting your instructor, please use your class contacts and check your syllabi for alternative methods of communication.


Is OMD still having the Convocation Celebration?

As of now, Convocation has been postponed. While we want to celebrate you in your accomplishments, your safety is our number one priority. Additional details surrounding this event are forthcoming.

Are There Online Resources Available to help me Out?

Yes. Check out these pages available through The University of Akron for your benefit:

I Am fine but Looking for Engagement Since I’m Home Everyday. Does OMD Have Any Ideas?

Absolutely. There is plenty to do once your schoolwork, and for some, your work shift is over. The Jean Hower Taber Student Union has published a website with links to virtual tours, online fun with friends and other entertaining and educational links. Visit their site here to check it out: .

Additionally, we recommend taking this time to learn something new! A hobby, a skill as well as brushing up on some professional development. LinkedIn is a great website for professional development videos available to check out as well.