Office of Multicultural Development - Design Contest

Calling all designers (and generally creative people)!

What it's all about:

The Office of Multicultural Development is looking for a wall design for our office and we want your help! Our office walls are bare and we thought, what better way to liven them up than with some student engagement!

Contest winner will receive a book scholarship from OMD!

We are looking for students on campus who may or may not have a design background BUT have an idea for an image they would like to see on our wall that represents the office and the students we serve.

A Little About OMD:

The Office of Multicultural Development serves a very diverse group of first-year students as its core. We advise, we teach, and we build relationships. We also provide resources that ANY student may take advantage of within the office, such as a computer lab (with free printing), and a resource library which provides textbooks to first-year students as a temporary rental if they do not have access to obtaining them otherwise.  Finally, along with everything else, we create cultural programs and events that expose students to experiences different from their own. We strive to create a safe, welcoming environment where all students can learn, connect and be exposed to new things, experiences and people from day one.

Our unofficial office slogan is "#ByAnyMeansNecessary."  What we mean when we say this is that by any means necessary, we want our students to succeed- ALL OF THEM! We will do anything within our power in order to aid students in their pursuits.


For the contest, we have a few rules that anyone interested in entering should be aware of:

  1. The contest will last approximately two weeks- the closing date being October 9, 2018
  2. The design should represent OMD- its functions, its students, its environment, its goal
  3. You may submit as an individual or as a team/group

Guidelines & Why you should participate:

Guidelines and Tips for the contest:

  1. DO use keywords and phrases as inspiration for your design
    1. Keywords include (but are not limited to): #byanymeansnecessary, advisor, support, teach, achieve, teamwork, perseverance, curiosity, success, Zips
  2. DO use chosen office colors in your design (Although you may include others)
    1. Some colors we've chosen best reflect the office include the following in their truest state (not neon or pastel): blue, yellow, purple, green, red, orange
  3. DO include the office name "The Office of Multicultural Development" in your design
  4. DO enter the contest, even if you can't draw/design
    1. If you cannot draw/design, but have a great idea, create a proposal and submit that, along with any supporting documents by the contest deadline
    2. Proposals should include a well thought-out idea and plan that includes: your concept, colors used, idea behind your design, etc

Why Should I Participate?

You should participate because:

  1. You are a University of Akron student who is proud to call UA home
  2. You have a great idea that you want to share with others
  3. You have a background in design and want to see your work on a large scale
  4. You have been greatly affected by the services provided by OMD and want to share your story
  5. The person/team behind the winning design will receive a book scholarship
  6. This is a great resume builder
  7. The winner(s) will be announced through Zipmail and the Faculty/Staff Digest with an Open House invite to the campus to come and experience your design

How to submit your entry:

  1. For design work, please submit a .pdf and .jpg to for consideration.
  2. For proposals, please email your proposal and any supporting documents you would like to share to for consideration.
  3. Please include with your submission any information that you think will help the staff make a fully informed decision about your design

Either way you submit, please be sure to include:

  1. Full name, contact information, and student ID
  2. A design abstract (Tell us about your design!): Is there a message in your work? Is there a story behind it? What colors did you choose and why?


If you have any questions, please email Réyna Pérez at for more information