How to Get Started in 4 Steps

Enrolling consists of four steps: complete the admissions process, register for classes, and pay tuition.

Step One: Verify authorization to enroll based on your state of residence

UA is authorized to deliver online courses and programs to residents of most states. Check this map to verify the status of your state!

Step Two: Complete the Admissions Process

If you are not a student of UA, you must apply and be admitted. Select the option below that best describes your student situation

  • Complete the undergraduate admissions process if you are currently enrolled in high school, a post-secondary program, or are starting college for the first time.
  • Complete the graduate admissions process if you already have a bachelor's and are interested in obtaining a master's degree or graduate certificate.
  • Contact Workforce Development & Continuing Education if you are a student interested in taking online courses and you are not seeking a degree.
  • Complete the transfer student admissions process if you have attempted 12 or more hours of college level coursework since you graduated from high school or earned your GED.

Step Three: Register for Classes

After you have been admitted and you have received your student ID number, UA Net ID, and your password; you can use Zipline to search for, select, and register for classes.

Once you are a student at UA and have your student ID number, UANet ID and password, you can search and register for classes via Zipline.

Step Four: Pay Tuition

Once you have enrolled, click here to view deadlines for financial aid and tuition payment.

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