Biking Initiative

There is an initiative at The University of Akron to encourage students to ride their bikes. The University of Akron has been working with the City of Akron in an effort to make biking on and around the university campus more friendly. The City of Akron placed signs on the streets that surround the university that will alert motorists that this is a bike friendly neighborhood and to be aware of bicyclists.

The university is also working on many campus features that will help make biking easier for the students, faculty and staff. We are regularly reviewing placement of additional bike racks and bicycle lockers. There is signage that defines bike paths across the campus and bike racks are installed on the campus shuttles.

Bicycle Lockers

Bicycle lockers are located north of the Ocasek Natatorium. Lockers are available on a first come - first served basis. If there are no lockers available at the time of your request, your name will be added to a waiting list until a locker becomes available. As lockers become available, we will contact the first person on the waiting list. You may request to have your name removed from the waiting list at any time.

How to rent a locker:
  • Cyclist can email, call, or come into the Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) office to check for locker availability.
  • Once it is determined that a bike locker is available, PTS will collect contact information then remove the lock from the locker. Cyclist will provide their own lock to secure the locker.
  • Lockers must be renewed by the last day of the semester per the terms and conditions or all belongings must be removed by the last day of the semester. If locker is not cleaned out after the last day of the semester, the lock will be cut off at the cyclist's expense and items will be placed in lost and found.

* PTS will send a reminder email (to renew or to clean out locker) the Monday of exam week, giving cyclists at least seven days’ notice to remove items (or renew the locker agreement) before PTS cuts off the lock and removes the items from the locker.

Terms & Conditions:
  • The cyclist may use the locker space only for the storage of one bicycle and its accessories.
  • The locker must be locked at all times and should never be left unattended without a lock (padlocks to secure lockers are available in the PTS office for purchase).
  • PTS is not responsible for any lost or stolen items from the locker.
  • Either party can terminate locker agreement at any time. If PTS wants to terminate the locker agreement, PTS will contact the cyclist. If the cyclist wants to terminate the locker agreement, they must contact PTS.

PTS or the University Police reserve the right to open and inspect the locker and contents: in an emergency; to determine whether a health or safety hazard exists; for suspicion of breach of the rental agreement, criminal activity, violation of University policy, or violation of student code of conduct; or for any other administrative purposes. If the lock should need to be cut off, PTS will pay to replace the lock if it is not the fault of the cyclist. If it is the fault of the cyclist, PTS will not pay for a replacement lock.

Look for this signage:

The "Sharrow" is
intended to inform
cyclists and motorists
that they are to
share the travel lane.

This bicycle sign
is intended to inform
cyclists that they are
to yield to pedestrians.

Further information and links:

The Below is a map of Bike Rack locations around campus. Click the image for a PDF version.

Bike map 2013 yellow path