Where should I park?

We have three lot designations on campus:

  • “C” lots, also known as “Commuter” lots, are for commuter students and faculty/staff. The great majority of lots will be designated "C" lots.
  • “R” lots, also known as “Residence Hall” lots, are for residence hall students only. Motorists with an "R" permit may park in the R lots.
  • “All Permit” lots are for any motorist with a valid UA permit, including the “O” permits held by some resident students.


campus map

This map shows
the new lot
designations. Enlarge.

Lot designations help address student needs and helps to rebalance the number of spaces available to “R” permits holders (resident students) and “C” permit holders (commuter students, faculty and staff).

  • The top level of the North Campus deck (map), including the ramp up to that level, is R permit parking only. Only resident students may park there.
  • The parking lot north of the North Campus deck, at Forge and Lincoln streets (near the Lincoln Building) (map), has reverted to commuter parking only. Only commuter students, faculty and staff may park there.
  • Several lots at the perimeter of campus have become all permit: The former Ballet Center lot (map), the former Urban League lot (map), the Wolf Ledges Professional Building lot and the Quaker Square lot north of Mill Street.

The Parking Services Office is on Buchtel Avenue in the North Campus Parking Deck, near the pedestrian bridge. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday.


We have created this map to show you the best places to park throughout the day. On the map, you can park in all lots except those shaded yellow. On campus, you can park in any "C" lot.


Unless you have already made arrangements for parking, we recommend that you park in the gated visitor lot on Buchtel Avenue (located under Robertson Dining Hall). The attendant will assist you in finding your destination. Directly across the street is the Parking Services Office, where you may purchase a parking permit for the day.

The free Roo Express shuttle service is available to transport you to many locations on campus, so you don't necessarily need to park close to the buildings you intend to visit.

More parking advice for visitors to campus.