Interactive Campus Map SRU3

Interactive Campus Map

This interactive map shows the entire campus community area and provides filters to highlight specific areas of interest.

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Best Park Map Thumb SRU3

Suggested Parking and Walking Time Map

This map highlights the best places to park at different times of the day.
It also provides estimated walking times to get to the center of campus

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Driving Directions Map SRU3

Driving Directions Map

This map provides directions to The University of Akron Campus.

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Bike Rack Locations SRU3

Bike Rack Locations Map

This map highlights the 35 bicycle rack locations on campus. 

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Overnight Parking thumb  marked in blue SRU3

Overnight Parking Map

This map highlights the parking lots commuter students can park their car's overnight. 

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motorcycle parking thumb SRU3

Motorcycle Parking Map

This map highlights designated motorcycle parking areas on campus. 

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parking meter map thumb SRU3

Parking Meter Locations Map

This map depicts the locations of parking meters on campus. The parking meter locations are represented by orange triangles. 

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football map

Football Game Day Parking Map

This map details the parking lot designations during each football season. 

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