The Roo Express campus shuttle

Roo Express shuttle
The Roo Express Shuttle Service provides transportation to University buildings in the downtown area, neighborhoods near campus, and the parking lots on the North side of campus. During the fall and spring semesters the shuttle also services students on the weekends to and from the downtown area.

Shuttle routes and schedules:

The shuttle may not operate or have limited service on holidays or when the University is closed.

All Roo Express buses will make a brief stop along the route each hour so that drivers can disinfect high-touch surfaces.

Shuttle tracker

Real-time shuttle tracker

Roo Express Zip Card policy

A valid Zip Card is required to ride the Roo Express shuttle. Passengers must be ready to present this identification to the driver before attempting to board. Those who are not ready to do so will be asked to retrieve their Zip Card and then ride the next available bus.

Drivers must require that any passenger whose identity they have not previously verified present a valid Zip Card. If there is any doubt regarding the identity of a passenger, their Zip Card must be scrutinized.

Guests of UA students, faculty, and staff are welcome aboard the Roo Express, but they must be accompanied by someone with a valid Zip Card.

Those conducting business on campus and wishing to ride the shuttle or visitors without a Zip Card should contact the Parking and Transportation Services Office at 330.972.7213 for a Roo Express Guest Pass.

The purpose of this policy is to promote safety, convenience, and efficiency aboard the Roo Express

Benefits of the shuttle service

The shuttle service benefits everyone:

Commuter students and faculty/staff...
  1. More spaces are available for parking as students who live in off-campus housing take the shuttle to class rather than drive.
  2. More spaces are available near the center of campus as resident students move their vehicles to designated lots near their residence hall.
  3. You have the ability to park once and ride the shuttle to more parts of campus.
Students who live in off campus housing (near UA)…
  1. You are likely close to the shuttle route, so you can leave your car at home, ride the shuttle, save gas and avoid the hassle of trying to find parking.
Residence Hall students…
  1. You are able to park in nearby lots designated for residence hall students only.

Answers to your questions

I use a wheelchair. Can I ride the shuttle?

Yes. All Roo Express shuttles are equipped with wheelchair-lift equipment. You do not need to make arrangements ahead of time to ride the regular routes.

Are there any other transportation options for someone with disabilities and/or additional needs?

Yes. We also allow for special pick-up and drop-off locations which are along an existing route.  Please fill out this form and we will contact you.

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions?

Please direct your messages to or call the Parking & Transportation Services Office at 330-972-7213.