A new system is in place for Roo Express Rentals and Special Event Parking requests.  

Only fill out one form for Special Event Parking, Roo Express Rentals or both.

Special Event Parking & Roo Express Rental      Request Event Form

If you require reserved parking, please fill out this form in completion at least 48 hours prior to the event start time.  For events occurring in less than 48 hours please call the Parking office directly at 330-972-7213.

Reserved Parking & Shuttle Rental Pricing:
$10.00 per hour, per attendant for Attended Spaces (2 hour minimum charge)
$70.00 per service hour, per bus for Shuttle Services. Minimum of a 2 hour rental*

*An additional hour will be added to the total hours for each reservation on the Roo Express. 

Group Permit Pricing:

If your special event requires more than 4 permits you can purchase groups of 50 permits for $25.00. Please fill out this form to reserve parking and to request the number of permits you need.

Special Event Information

Are you hosting an event on campus? Please contact us and let us know about any events that you are hosting on campus. This will help us to better serve your guests as well as the rest of the campus community. If the event involves busing people to campus and the buses will be staying until the event concludes, then we ask that you please contact the parking office at 330-972-8043 to arrange for parking.

General Event Information Special Event revenue indirectly helps to keep student tuition and fees lower. The revenue collected by Parking Services is used to maintain, renovate and repair the many parking areas on campus. Without this source of revenue, student tuition and fees would be higher.

Due to the limited amount of property for parking on campus our parking lots must be MULTI-PURPOSE. Parking Services is responsible for directing students, faculty and staff and other visitors to alternative parking areas as close as possible to these reserved lots. Parking Services is responsible for posting the lots to be reserved for an event a minimum of three (3) days in advance of the event. Wherever possible, based on the expected attendance for an event, Parking Services will allow students, faculty and staff to park in these reserved lots.

Since the University is a state and public institution, and therefore, supported by the taxpayers, the University also has an obligation to the "community". While providing a good education to students (customers) is the main priority of the University, there is also an obligation to provide good community relations to the taxpaying public. The community helps support the University with monetary donations, pledges and gifts which, in turn, help to keep down the cost of student tuition and fees.

Football Games  On University of Akron football games Lots 2, 6, 8, 9, 9B, 10, 13, 14, 15 will close at midnight the night before.  We ask that all vehicles be removed from these lots by 12:00 AM the day of the game.  Any vehicles left after 12:00 AM are subject to towing at the owner's expense.  Check out Zips sporting events

Basketball Games  On University of Akron basketball game nights ALL lots SOUTH of Buchtel Avenue and EAST of Union Street are NOT monitored for permits by Parking Services and the University Police. These include lots 1,7,10,13,14, and 15. For Men's weeknight games Lots 2 and 8 will be controlled by Parking Services after 3:00 PM. We ask that all vehicles be removed from these lots by 5:00 PM. Any vehicles left in Lot 2 after 5:00 PM are subject to towing at the owner's expense. For weekend Men's games these lots will be similarly controlled, with the exception that Lot 2 will be closed the previous evening. Check out Zips sporting events

SRWC and ONAT Permit Holders  In the occurrence that there is an event on campus (football, basketball, etc.) and lots 8 & 10 are closed, free parking will be permitted in the East Campus Parking Deck (Lot 1) on Spicer Street.  

E.J. Thomas Events


The 1100 space, North Campus Parking Deck has entrances from both Buchtel Ave. and from Forge St.

Additional Thomas Hall event parking is available in Lots #34 and #43. Both of these lots are accessible from Wolf Ledges Parkway, which is a convenient parking location for those patrons exiting I-77/76 at the Wolf Ledges/Grant St. Exit.

The University and Thomas Hall will have signage, parking personnel and police officers available to assist patrons and expedite the flow of traffic.

Arrive Early - Thomas Hall opens one hour prior to show time. The EJ Café, Concession Stand and Bar are all open along with numerous lobby seating areas where patrons can relax prior to the show.


Broadway In Akron: On Fridays and Saturdays of Broadway In Akron, the Thomas Hall parking deck is reserved for our subscribers, Flying Balcony Club and handicap guests.NEW – Overflow parking is available in the North Campus Parking Deck.

Non-Subscribers: Parking is available in the North Campus Parking Deck or Lot #34 located at the corner of Wolf Ledges Parkway and Carroll St.

The University of Akron Parking Department mans the lots and collects a fee of $5 for event parking. Discounted permits of $4 are available from the Thomas Hall Ticket Office.

See more information about events at E. J. Thomas Hall.

Akron Rubber Ducks Games

The Polsky Deck (Lot 49) and Lot 66 will be used for parking for Rubber Ducks patrons on a controlled basis. On certain dates, such as exam weeks, no Rubber Ducks patrons will be permitted to use these lots.

All valid Commuter and Faculty/Staff UA parking permits including temporary permits for the specific date, will be honored FREE in these lots. Commercial Visitor permits will NOT be allowed for free parking.

The Akron Rubber Ducks schedule is available online.