About the Transportation Fee

Students in the Tuition Guarantee Program support parking and transportation services through a portion of their general fees, and are entitled to a parking permit at no additional charge, as well as unlimited access to the shuttle service.

Students (not in the tuition guarantee program) who take more than five credit hours in a semester on Main Campus are assessed a Transportation Fee for that term ($175 for the fall and spring semesters, $120 for summer). This fee allows students to receive a parking permit on request (at no additional charge), and allows students unlimited access to the shuttle service. Students who are not assessed this fee based on enrollment can opt to pay it in order to receive a parking permit.

Answers to Your Questions:

I don’t plan to park on campus this fall, so why am I being charged this Transportation Fee?

Only students who take more than five credit hours will pay the Transportation Fee. The fee will benefit all students, as it will be easier for you to get around campus with the shuttle. Plus, we believe that the changes should reduce vehicle congestion on and around campus — that will make things better for everyone.

Why do I need to pay a Transportation Fee and buy a parking permit?

You are not paying both. The Transportation Fee will cover costs related to both parking and the shuttle service. In other words, the Transportation Fee pays for your parking permit and other transportation and parking related services.

I’m taking five or fewer hours this fall. Am I allowed to park on campus?

Yes, if you opt to pay the Transportation Fee and receive a permit. You have other options as well, including less expensive daily permits and parking meters. To learn more about the daily permits, call the parking office at 330-972-7213.

When I pay my Transportation Fee, will I get a parking permit automatically or do I need to request it?

To receive a parking permit you must make a request, which can be done through my.uakron.edu (click on the “Parking” link on the “My Experience” tab, and follow the instructions). Permits requested in this way are typically mailed out three weeks before the first day of classes each semester. The deadline for these requests three weeks before the start of each semester. After that time you can still request a permit, but you will have to visit the Parking Office to do so.

I have dropped classes, but I am still being charged a Transportation Fee. What can I do to have the fee removed?

Once the Parking Office begins issuing parking permits, typically three weeks prior to the start of the semester, you must contact the Parking Office at 330-972-7213 about receiving a refund for the Transportation Fee.

Where do Transportation Fee dollars go?

Transportation Fee dollars are earmarked for transportation needs only. These funds are used to:

  • keep our decks and lots clean and properly maintained;
  • support the Roo Express shuttle service; and
  • retire the loans we took out to pay for the construction of newer lots and decks.

Questions? Comments?

Call the parking office at 330-972-7213 or send an e-mail to parking@uakron.edu.