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Masters of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration is a 39-credit-hour degree that prepares students for careers in public and nonprofit management. The program requires students to take 9 core courses (30 credit hours), 4 electives (15 credit hours), and an internship (3 credit hours). In consult with an advisor, a student may shape electives into a career focus either inside the department or with another department.

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Juris Doctorate and Master of Public Administration

The combined Juris Doctor and Master of Public Administration is 109-credit-hour degree for students seeking training in both the legal and public service fields. Students complete 11 courses (33 credit hours) in the MPA program and 76 credit hours in The University of Akron School of Law. Students must be accepted to both programs to participate.

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Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA)

The Executive Master of Public Administration is designed to advance the careers and develop skills of senior public and non-profit sector managers.  The focus of the program is on student practitioners with a minimum of ten years professional administrative and management experience.

The curriculum is offered to students organized as a cohort.  A cohort begins when there are sufficient students in the cohort to justify the use of resources for the degree (typically 10 students).  Once the cohort is formed the courses are offered in a specific sequence and on a format which is designed to reflect the ongoing work demands of the students in the cohort. The classes are not offered on the same format as traditional courses, but rather, rely on weekend, web-based, and web-enhanced courses. The cohort moves through that sequence as a group. A student may not take courses out of sequence nor can students drop in and out of the cohort. If a student drops out of a class the student must wait until a new cohort reaches that same point in the sequence to re-enter the program.

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Minor concentrations

There are four variations of concentrations for a minor.  Each concentration requires the successful completion of 15 credit hours of required and elective coursework offered by the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies, as specified below.

Course list

  • Concentration in Non-profit Management
  • Concentration in Public Management
  • Concentration in Policy Analysis
  • Concentration in Program Evaluation