What your gift means to the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies:

Through contributions from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations, the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies is better able to provide the education and training necessary to prepare outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to meet the demands of our 21st century data-driven world.

Why Give?

The need for continuing private support of public higher education has never been greater.  The rising cost of college requires that departments have access to funds for scholarships, capital projects, endowments and special needs.  In fact, many employers may match charitable contributions to higher education institutions.  Companies that have such matching programs enable their employees and retirees to double or triple their personal contribution.

Annual Giving Program

The University of Akron Annual Giving Program is the perfect way for alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff to demonstrate their commitment to the department of their choice through annual financial support.  Every gift, no matter how small or large, impacts the department in a positive way.  Your giving can be directed to various departmental/university causes as desired.

Thank You

The University of Akron Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies strives to provide a quality education in the application of Public Administration and Urban Studies to our undergraduate and graduate students.  We thank you for your support and appreciate your continuing efforts to strengthen our program offerings.


The University of Akron

How your gift can extend John Buchtel's legacy...and your own

The Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences was founded in 1870 by Akron industrialist John Buchtel and nurtured into a world class university by generations of hard working Northeast Ohio residents. 

Built to create opportunities for our children...to build a better life for their children...Our college still stands today as a cornerstone of opportunity for Northeast Ohio families and communities!

Your support can help us honor the tradition of serious intellectual inquiry that John Buchtel envisioned, our parents and grandparents extended, and we now strengthen to pass onto our children.

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