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Move In/Move Out

Move In:

Each August, the department of Physical Facilities (PFOC) assists students as they move into their respective residence halls.  It is a great opportunity for PFOC employees to welcome first-year students and their families.  In addition to helping students load and unload their belongings, the PFOC staff drives the event’s recycling campaign.  In preparation for move-in several large recycling containers are placed outside of nearly every residence halls.  These containers are utilized in the collection of cardboard and plastics, such as Styrofoam and shrink wrap.   These traditional packaging materials are highly recyclable and sought after. 
During move-in and the weeks that follow, there is typically an influx of 37% in terms of paper-products collected, including cardboard.  Although, it is important that these types of materials are recycled it is always more environmentally beneficial if recyclable materials are first reused, if applicable.  The following are helpful hints and reminders:

  • Take advantage of reusable plastic storage containers, instead of cardboard.
  • During move-out, reuse original packaging or secondhand cardboard from retail or grocery stores.

    Move Out:

    Instead of throwing away useful materials, such as clothes, furniture, and electronics, consider that these materials are both reusable and recyclable.  Investigate local charities or consignment shops both of which would greatly appreciate such donations.  If the materials are damaged, or unusable, they may then be recycled.  Contact a representative from the recycling department for pickup requests.



Annually, the University of Akron competes in an international recycling contest dubbed Recyclemania.  Throughout the competition, recyclable materials are collected and measured from each participating building and/or residence.  At the end of the competition the total weight of each recyclable material is reported to the Recyclemania committee and considered in the overall ranking.  Our goal is that continued participation in Recyclemania will help foster campus-wide enthusiasm for recycling.   

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Sports fans are encouraged to take advantage of the recycling containers provided at nearly every sport’s venue on campus.


Volunteering during athletic events is a great way to improve the campus community and earn service credit.  Volunteers would be expected to assist with the collection of recyclables and other related tasks.  For those individuals, or organizations, interested in volunteering please contact the recycling department for more information.