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Having a minor in philosophy can be a great way to expand your career path. Explore these options.


These certificates are only 12 credits and can be earned independent of a degree or along with one.


Recent graduate Izzy Maguire, Philosophy and Psychology major, has been accepted to multiple MA and PhD programs and has chosen Fordham University to earn a Masters in Philosophy. She also has a recent publication in Compos Mentis: Undergraduate Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics titled "Perceptual Assumptions: An Argument Against Epistemic Immediacy."

Congratulations, Izzy!

Watch an interview with Izzy

Hear from four recent UA graduates on how their degree in philosophy has shaped and benefited their careers.

Group photo of the faculty members in the philosophy department at The University of Akron

Department of Philosophy members include John Huss, Jess Otto, Joseph Li Vecchi, Sylvia Juscak, Eric Sotnak, Dimitria Gatzia, Travis Hreno, Howard Ducharme and Chris Buford

The value of philosophy: Famous philosophers