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The Project Management Office at The University of Akron supports the university community with the application of project management principles, tools, and methodology. Its primary goal is to continuously improve our ability to deliver structured planned solutions within budget, on schedule, according to scope, and in a way that best contributes to accomplishing the University's Mission and Strategic Goals.


The project work environment within the PMO at The University of Akron is dynamic and fast-paced. Our projects deal with evolving business needs and oftentimes unclear customer requirements. It is the Project Manager's job to manage uncertainty and change in a manner that does not negatively affect the outcome of their projects. The Request Management Process was built to make the Project Manager's job a little easier. This framework contains activity definitions, guidelines, and templates for the various project management activities undertaken to deliver successful projects. The methodology provides:

  • Common language and term definitions.
  • More effective and efficient project management.
  • Monitoring of progress against pre-determined metrics.
  • An ability to think through and plan an entire project before ever starting.
  • Defined best practices.
  • Standardized reporting.

The framework establishes standards for all projects managed in conjunction with the PMO and with a detailed glossary of terms, ensures common vocabulary and understanding. The long-term intent is to build a repository of exemplary projects, best practices, and lessons learned as well as train and engage project managers in key functional areas throughout UA.