Graduate Advising

A strong connection between faculty and graduate students is one key to student success at the graduate level.  Upon entering the Political Science program, the Graduate Director will provide curriculum advice and general academic counseling.  Students are encouraged to regularly consult faculty within the discipline on matters of intellectual concern or issues of the graduate program.

Graduate Advisors:

Security Studies
Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler 

Master of Applied Politics
Dr. David Cohen 

Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

Students should develop a three-person Faculty Advisory Committee by the end of their second semester of studies.  Consisting of three eligible faculty members, this committee will mentor the student and provide academic feedback throughout the academic process.  The FAC is responsible for conducting comprehensive exams and Capstone Portfolio presentations.

Important Resources for Current Graduate Students

Political Science Graduate Handbook 2012-2013

University of Akron Graduate Bulletin

Advancement to Candidacy (Graduation Application)

Request for Time Extension for Completion of Degree

Graduate Student Government