Politics of Homeland Security Minor

This minor will introduce students to the politics of security administration, political implications of terrorism, and potential threats to the security of the United States' government and its residents.  This minor is an excellent addition for students wishing to work in defense, security, intelligence, aid and relief, and threat administration.

In order for students to receive the Politics of Homeland Security minor, they must complete the following requirements, sign a contract with the department, and apply for the minor prior to Commencement.



3700:100 Government & Politics in the U.S.  --OR--
3700:150 World Politics & Government

And both:

3700:336 Homeland Security Policy & Process
3700:337 Terrorism: Perpetrators, Politics & Response

9 additional credits from the following are required:

3700:310 International Politics & Institutions
3700:328 American Foreign Policy & Process 
3700:334 Law, Mediation & Violence
3700:339 Terrorism & the Constitution
3700:352 Weapons of Mass Destruction
3700:353 Future International Threats
3700:392 Selected Topics*
3700:410 International Security Policy
3700:413 Global Public Health Threats
3700:445 Al Qaeda

*With departmental approval.