Dr. Karim's Research Group

Interdisciplinary research areas include fundamental studies on directed self assembly of block copolymer (BCP) thin films, patterned polymer thin films, nano-composite coatings and polymer bio scaffolds and hydrogels. These studies are tied to a variety of applications including organic photovotaic devices, soft micro- and nano- fabrication, hierarchical patterning of polymers. Material research and processing is also directed at hydrogels for wound healing applications and novel polymer blend scaffolds for tissue engineering, inorganic coatings are also tailored for smart and functional interfaces, controlled surface energy and roughness coatings. Fabrication of superhydrophobic and ice-phobic surfaces by new multi-scale hierarchical structure. Polymer film wetting and surface instability studies forming platforms for controlled soft adhesion are investigated. X-Ray and neutrons at national facilities (NIST,Brookhaven National Laboratory, Spallation Neutron Source, CHESS) are extensively used for materials and films characterization, in addition to in house methods such as AFM. These research activities are developed at the Akron Functional Materials Center.


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