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Akron Global Polymer Academy Lesson Plans

Classifying Solids: Matter

Grades: 4
Author: Ken Kingston, Tracy Schmitz, Francesca Niekamp, AGPA Staff
Source: This lesson was inspired by information given me by Debbie Goodwin, material science instructor and Doug Rummel, 8th grade science teacher at St. Mark's School of Texas.


Students make observations of solids and classify the items into groups based on their properties. Students are introduced to the three states of matter.


What should students know as a result of this lesson?

What should the students be able to do as a result of this lesson?




Assessment: Monitor that the students are keeping the bags closed while making observations and predictions about the items in the bag.


Assessment: Monitor the students as they work. Check that they are recording the necessary information on their data tables.


Assessment: Have a list of materials and as a class decide whether or not the materials are solids.


Assessment: Have a list of materials and have each student categorize as solids or liquids when the item is at room temperature.



Best Teaching Practices

Alignment with Standards

NGSS Standards:

Common Core Standards:

National Standards:

Ohio Standards:

Content Knowledge

Basic knowledge on the states of matter is necessary. For images and a description of the 3 states of matter see: and

For basic information on the classes of materials, see:


Do not place sharp objects into the bag.
General science classroom safety should be followed.


Different classes of materials have different properties. Students need to understand the properties of materials to determine the correct material to use for an application.


Assessments are given at each stage of the learning cycle.

Other Considerations

Grouping Suggestions: Group 4 students to a goody bag of materials.

Pacing/Suggested Time: This lesson should take two 45 minute class periods.

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