Dr. Trishool Namani

Postdoctoral Fellow

Biography and Current Research:

Trishool Namani received Ph.D. for his research on fatty acid-based aggregates in dilute aqueous solutions from ETH – Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Peter Walde. After spending several years of research and teaching, he joined Prof. Nita Sahai’s group at The University of Akron in 2019. His research project is on the Origins and Life, particularly interested in the process of how life started from simpler prebiotic plausible molecular systems to the complex biopolymers, then to a self-sustainable cell-like entity. Specifically, he focuses on the various types of mineral surfaces which promote the polymerization reaction of nucleotides. Furthermore, he is also exploring the different metal sulfide peptide clusters for functional compartments or protocell models.



Ph.D. at Department of Materials, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland

Master of Science (Organic Chemistry) at Osmania University, Hyderabad

Bachelor of Science (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) at Osmania University, Hyderabad


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