How to Post a Job

Posting a job opening on the School of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering (SPSPE) website is a free service. To assist you in your decision to post with us, please review the information below:

The SPSPE is graduate only offering both doctoral and master’s degrees. If your job opening is for graduates at the Ph.D. or M.S. level, then please send an electronic job posting (preferably in Microsoft Word) to Sarah Thorley, Coordinator of Academic Programs, at that indicates:

  • Position title;
  • Company name;
  • Geographic location;
  • Job duties;
  • Job requirements, including educational level and background (e.g. M.S. or Ph.D. or both);
  • Whether or not you will entertain applications from foreign Visa holders; and,
  • How to submit an application and contact information.

Your job opening will be posted on the SPSPE website and available for viewing by current students and alumni of our programs.

Please note that SPSPE does not offer undergraduate degrees so if your position only requires a B.S. degree, please contact The University of Akron Career Center at 330-972-7747 or They can help you reach undergrads in other majors that may have a polymer emphasis in their background.

Interviewing and Information Sessions

As a free service to employers, SPSPE offers you the opportunity to interview on-campus and/or to offer a general information session about your company or careers at your company.

After your job is posted on our website, interested students or alumni will submit their resumes directly to you for pre-screening. You select the students you wish to interview and contact Sarah Thorley at to set up a time to visit campus and conduct interviews. We will host you in one of our conference rooms for your use during the day. You may either set up the interview times directly with the students or we can assist you with that - just give us the names of your pre-selected candidates and how much time you want per interview, and we will do the rest.

Additionally, most companies who come to recruit in the SPSPE will also host an information session that is open to anyone to attend. This session is a general overview of your organization and careers at your company. You may host a session either the evening prior to your day of interviewing or at the conclusion of your day of interviewing. We can also assist you if you wish to offer refreshments as encouragement for students to attend your event.

Please know that we are happy to help you engage with our students, post-docs, and alumni. Questions may be directed to Sarah Thorley, Coordinator of Academic Programs, at

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