Office of Operations

The mission of the Office of Operations is to ensure a safe working environment, maintain the infrastructure, and provide technical and skilled trades services. Specific functional areas include:

  1. Safety Office which works in partnership with UA EOHS for safety training, laboratory inspections, compliance, and chemical inventory.
  2. Facilities Management which handles and coordinates maintenance, renovations, repairs, and special arrangements.
  3. Shop Services comprised of a glassblowing shop, machine shop, and electrical shop.
  4. Laboratory Management of common use equipment including the teaching labs. The laboratories are subdivided into Cores:
    • Microscopy – AFM, SEM, TEM, Optical
    • Spectroscopy – FT-IR, UV-Vis, Raman, XPS, XRD, WAXS/SAXS
    • Rheology and Thermal – DSC, TGA, DMA, Capillary and Rotational Rheology, Tensile and Impact Testing
    • Processing – Extrusion, Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Compounding
    • Molecular Characterization – GPC, Zeta-potential
    • Magnetic Resonance Center – NMR partnership with the Department of Chemistry (please go to Chemistry’s website for the MRC here)


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Contact Information

Dr. Jason Randall
(; ext 5337)
Director of Operations

Nancy Concepcion
(; ext 6008)
Instrumentation Scientist

Dr. Jiansheng Feng
(; ext 8573)
Instrumentation Scientist

Jack Gillespie
(; ext 7369)
Lab Glassblower

Jon Hawkins
(; ext 2671)
Facilities Manager

Dr. Andrew Knoll
(; ext 6182)
Instrumentation Scientist - Spectroscopy

Edward Laughlin
(; ext 7534)
Eng. Tech. Sr. – Machine Shop

Dr. Bojie Wang
(; ext 7541)
Instrumentation Scientist – Microscopy